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My grades were below the average that my classmates were scoring all of last year. I wasn't able to understand what my school teacher was going through. Now that I have a good tutor, I scored my first B. I think it's possible to get an A for my O Levels.
C. Tan
Catholic High School
Indra was doing OK for all my subjects, except for the Tamil language. We speak English at home, so it's been difficult to be fluent verbally, or in essays/comprehension. Mr Thilainathan was very engaging, and Indra managed to get an A at PSLE. It was hard work, but it helps to have an excellent guide.
Madam Ramakrishnan
Parent of Student in Central Singapore
My brother is studying Engineering at NUS, and I'd like to be accepted at NUS too. Been scoring A's for the crucial subjects. Except for Physics. Mr Chew has a PhD in Physics, and helped me understand how to answer the difficult application questions. I'm getting A's in Physics recently.
Adam Chan
Raffles Institution
Yanling enjoys her English classes in school, but her grades have been disappointing even though she works hard in her homework. I think she might have picked up the wrong study skills. Ms Teo is very bubbly and is a former MOE teacher who taught at a "branded" school. I am so glad that Yanling writes better essays, and is able to analyze what the comprehension questions really require her to answer.
Mrs Cheong
Parent of student from St Margaret’s Primary School
The Maths syllabus was stressing me out. After I scored 40+, my parents decided that I need a good tutor to help me. Ms Uma was very patient when explaining each A-Math and E-Math chapters. I am very happy that I have been scoring B's in all my exams now.
Shehzhadee Bte Abdul
Jurong West Secondary School
I was getting B's in General Paper throughout JC1, and this was so frustrating. Mr Tan is very well-read, and helped me structure my arguments so that my Paper 1 essays showed more depth. My Paper 2 answers were on-point. Managed to score A's throughout the latter part of JC2.
Geraldine Lee

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